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    • Introducing The New Tricellar Whey™ Protein Powder

      Tricellar Whey™ now available Article written by Phil Learney. PhD Nutrition are excited to announce the launch of one of our most innovative products to date. Tricellar Whey is a revolutionary post workout formula designed for serious athletes. It is a true breakthrough in protein innovation, providing an ultra-premium, fast acting, slow release post workout protein blend, designed specifically to maximise lean muscle gains without the addition of post workout carbohydrates or added sugars. ... read more

      Introducing The New Tricellar Whey™ Protein Powder
    • 24 hours of Protein - Night Time

      Article written by Dan Osman. PhD’s new and improved Micellar Casein + offers the perfect ultra-slow digesting protein source, making it an astute option pre-bedtime as part of your 24 hour protein solution. Micellar Casein + slow absorption arises from it’s coagulating properties within the stomach as a by-product of it’s reaction to gastric pH, which delays amino acid delivery to the gut (1) and elevates amino acids in the blood.

      ... read more

      24 hours of Protein - Night Time

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