Phil Learney Name:
Phil Learney


Strength and Conditioning Specialist

In the gym

Years training:

Specific types of training undertaken:
Varied training styles, mainly based around Strength and Power

Sporting background:
Played national level Rugby, captained my county at Cricket, Concentrating primarily on Strongman and Powerlifting now.

Most satisfying sporting achievement:
Everytime I beat something that before seemed impossible.

Time out

Interests and hobbies outside health and fitness:
I really enjoy movies and my life pretty much revolves around health and fitness. I am yet to lose interest in any asoect of it so will see it as both an interest and my job. I enjoy music and have a very diverse collection.

Deadlift, Squat and the ability to listen, someone always knows more than you.

Bench Press and stubborness.

Favourite way to relax:
Working out, movies and music.

Favourite band/music:
As I said previously, very divers taste. In the gym I like, disturbed, breaking benjamin and that general style of music. Out of the gym, Damien Rice, Get Cape, wear cape fly.

Favourite food:
Ah, the eternal quastion. So hard to call, at present, no word of a lie it's Oats with apple,sutanas, cinammon and vanilla Pharma Whey.

The PhD experience

Favourite PhD Nutrition product:
Wow, hard to narrow this one down but Synergy Iso-7 must be up there. Closely followed by Methoxy 7-test and Pharma Whey

Why you chose PhD Nutrition to officially endorse:
I dont really see me endorsing PhD. I spend hours every day with people looking at achieving all manor of physical adaptations. I need a company and products I can trust. That simple really.

Why do you and PhD complement each other?
We both stand by solid rules and ethics.

Personal ambitions

Future aims and objectives within your chosen sport:
At present I intend doing a Powerlift towards the end of the year and aim at doing the U105 class in Strongman next year.

Future life ambitions:
Be happy and continue to enjoy and be passionate about what I do.
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