What drives and motivates you to succeed?

Looking at the big picture I’m motivated to be the best version of myself that I can be, but to keep motivated, I set myself mini performance goals along the way. That way I can look at every single training session as an opportunity to achieve something.

Tell us a bit about you.

I started training in the gym to get stronger legs for snowboarding, but fell in love with lifting weights and ended up changing direction completely. I entered my first bikini competition in 2014, where I won first place and my WBFF Pro Card, then six months later I made my Pro debut and won the title of European Champion. Now I’m back to training for performance and trying my hand at Olympic Weightlifting.


How does PhD Nutrition help you make the difference?

PhD Nutrition products are different because they’re truly developed with the athlete in mind - there are items in the range to suit every different goal, and the different blends and formulas make it effortless to meet our nutritional demands.



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