What drives and motivates you to succeed?

I’m self-motivated but I draw inspiration from current and historical successful figures. I look at their general habits and methods and apply them to my chosen field. I am motivated to discover my maximum potential and having not reached my physical or mental peak yet, every day is an opportunity to see what I am capable of.

Tell us a bit about you.

I have been a personal trainer and nutritionist for the last 10 years. I’ve been lucky enough to work with everyone from professional athletes and celebrities to everyday members of the public. I also have a background in GP and exercise referral, working with patients recovering from a variety of health-related problems and injuries, helping them get back into functional fitness. I now specialise in body transformations, having had a successful season of competing within the UKBFF men's physique category achieving the 2nd place at the British finals.


How does PhD Nutrition help you make the difference?

PhD Nutrition are a ‘stand out’ brand because they focus on developing products for everyday fitness enthusiasts, as well as advanced athletes. They put a lot of time and research into what goes into their supplements ensuring that it maximises performance and results.



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