What drives and motivates you to succeed?

I am extremely results-driven. Doing a good job and achieving the desired end result is my primary motivation within all aspects of my life, both within the fitness industry and also within my primary occupation of being a Project Manager for a large construction company. While I enjoy working on a project on my own, I’m particularly motivated with working in a team or partner. Being part of the fitness community, you are always working and training with others who share the same common goal. I like to set challenges and tasks, and I naturally appreciate it when others compliment me for succeeding and hitting the end goal.

Tell us a bit about you.

I initially started out playing rugby league for a local team and signed up-to the local gym to build strength, muscle and to help me develop my ability playing rugby. Over the year’s I then started to enjoy the bodybuilding side of training more and started to move away from rugby and functional training. I wanted to concentrate on applying more effort into the fitness and bodybuilding industry. I have been weight-training since I was 21 years old and over that time, as I have gained more experience, I have become more passionate about bodybuilding. I have built on my physique with my end goal entering bodybuilding events over the last 3 years. 


How does PhD Nutrition help you make the difference?

I believe what makes PhD different to other brands is that PhD Nutrition are always consistent with the quality of their products. PhD haven’t pushed or promoted any products which have lacked in product design, packaging, taste and the overall quality of their products. Since I started my fitness journey around 6 years ago, I have always used PhD Nutrition products for these reasons, plus the local gym I started training at would always recommend using PhD products over any other brand. 



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