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PhD Nutrition Athlete Tony Pang is a Fitness Model and Personal Trainer based in Glasgow, UK. Check out his top 10 tips for reaching your fitness goals!

1. Record and track your workouts. Making progress whether it be one more rep or slightly extra weight will make sure you are making the right gains.

2. Periodise your training so that you change your workouts either daily, weekly or monthly so that your body doesn't get used to doing the same workouts all the time.

3. Rotate between different rep ranges, sets, weights and tempo to stimulate hypertrophy through all muscle fiber types.

4. Ensure you maximise your recovery. Ensuring that you are getting enough food daily to compensate for your expenditure and allow for enough rest time between workouts.

5. Ensure you get enough sleep and hydration. These are vital to ensure proper recovery and performance.

6. Have a few different ways to track your progress from, scale weight, tape measurements, skin fold measurements, photos and tracking your performance in the gym. This will help make sure that you’re making progress towards your end goal.

7. Track your food intake so you can assess that you are getting in enough vital calories from the right macro nutrients. If you’re lacking or struggling to get in certain nutrients make sure to supplement them – PhD Nutrition have all of your supplementary needs covered!

8. Don’t stress! Stress is a major player for affecting people’s results in fat loss, recovery and performance in the gym. Have a plan and stick to it. That will ensure that you’re not over-training or under-eating.

9. If you plateau, only use one tool at a time. If your goal is fat loss then reduce calories or increase expenditure. Don’t do both at the same time as when your body adapts you are left with fewer options to change.

10. Plan out your goal. What do you want to achieve, when do you want to achieve it by and how are you going to do it? By having these steps in play it leaves less room for error and allows you to stay motivated and focused on the end goal in mind.

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