Top 10 Fitness Tips - David Langsdale

David-Langsdale-2PhD Nutrition Brand Ambassador David Langsdale is a Men's Physique competitor and Personal Trainer based in Nottingham, UK. Check out his top 10 tips for reaching your fitness goals!


1. Always seek help and advice. No matter where you are at there is always more to learn or new training methods to try!

2. Get an efficient plan tailored to your goals!

3. Monitor your progress. Photographs are a great way to keep a track of how you are progressing. The scales never tell the full story!

4. Do not compare yourself to others, just strive for personal progression!

5. Make sure there is variety in your training. For example, there are plenty of ways to perform cardio without gym machines!

6. Technique over ego! Make sure you are effectively working the muscle targeted when performing weight exercises!

7. Be Organised. Prep meals when needed if you have a busy schedule ahead. Never fail to prepare!

8. Stretch! Mobility and function of the body is key with any type of training program and gets neglected far too much.

9. Be patient. Results will not happen overnight, but through being persistent and consistent they will come!

10. Listen to music that motivates you every time you train!

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