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PhD Nutrition Brand Ambassador Alex MacDonald is a Fitness Model and Personal Trainer based in London, UK. Check out his top 10 tips for reaching your fitness goals!

1. Set long term/short term goals & devise a plan to help you reach these.


2. Forget about the numbers on the scales.


3. Keep a training diary to help you record your progress so you can change and adapt your plan where necessary.


4. Stick a photo on your fridge/set your phone or laptop screensaver of your end goal so it’s a constant reminder of why and what you are aiming for.


5. Take progress photos so you can see the difference you are making – do this every 4 weeks. (The more you look the less you see, the less you look the more you see)


6. Be selfish. Whatever your goal is, make sure you do it for yourself.


7. Accept that it’s going to be hard but embrace the challenge.


8. Vary your workouts. E.g. – cardio = swimming/cycling/ running/HIIT/classes/ 5-a-side etc.


9. Be consistent and give yourself time to change.


10. Have Fun. Enjoy the journey!!

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