Steffan Bennett - My Top 10 Fitness Tips

Steffan-BennettCheck out Steffan Bennett's top 10 tips for reaching your lean fitness goals!

1. Eat enough calories to grow if you’re looking to put on muscle and don’t underestimate how much protein you need to grow.

2. Work your bigger muscles, not just the ones shown in the mirror – focus on compound lifts like the deadlift and the squat at the beginning of your workout.

3. Supplement correctly to your goals and time your supplements, for example making sure you get a carbohydrate and protein mixed shake pre-workout (such as PhD Synergy ISO-7) and making sure you ingest fast high GI carbohydrates post workout (such as PhD Pharma Pure or Pharma Whey HT+).

4. Keep track of progress – take before and after photos, monitor your weight and what you’re lifting in the gym. It’s a great way to keep track and also keep you motivated.

5. Do your cardio – being fit and functional can be just as important as putting on muscle. High intensity interval training and sprints are a great way of burning fat, increasing speed & improving anaerobic and aerobic systems.

6. Drink plenty of water – water comprises 70% of the body and is therefore vital to keeping fit and healthy, I usually drink around 3-4 litres a day.

7. Rest is key – your body is broken down after a workout and to grow bigger/stronger/fitter it needs adequate recovery.

8. Don’t be afraid to cheat every once in a while on your diet – this keeps you motivated!

9. Surround yourself with positive people to keep you motivated – have a friend train with you who is as motivated as yourself. Plus following fit/healthy people or athletes on social media is very inspiring!

10. Prepare your meals beforehand – it helps you keep track of calories and prevents you snacking on unhealthy foods.

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