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Research has shown that the period following an intense workout creates an ideal window of opportunity to maximise lean gains

and to replenish muscle building amino acid levels from quality protein sources. But what supplement should you be taking to optimise your training?

PhD Nutrition have taken the concept of a protein-only post workout drink and produced something so innovative and high quality, that it sets the standard in post workout lean gains. Here, we explain why post workout nutrition is so important and why PhD’s Tricellar Whey™ is the only choice for serious athletes looking for quality nutrition to maximise their efforts.

Why is post workout nutrition so important?

Latest sports nutrition innovation has created a huge demand for high quality fast/slow protein blends following intense exercise. A growing number of serious athletes and bodybuilders are combining micellar casein with fast acting whey protein isolate to create the ideal low sugar, high protein post workout muscle rebuilding shake, that not only acts quickly to help muscle re-build, but also allows for a slower, more sustained release of amino acids.

Many serious athletes seeking lean, muscular gains do not believe in consuming high levels of sugar or synthetic carbohydrates after intense exercise. They prefer to consume their daily carbohydrate intake through whole food alone, using quality fast/slow protein supplementation after a hard training session to maximise the muscle gaining process.

What type of protein should you be taking after training?

Whilst whey protein is still recognised as an excellent protein source for athletes in and around the workout window (before and after intense exercise), protein intake from multiple sources is extremely important and an essential part of a muscle gaining nutritional plan, particularly when consumed post exercise. The use of a high quality micellar casein and whey protein blend within 30 minutes of intense exercise is a growing trend within the training community. PhD have led the way in providing a complete, ultra-innovative solution for this serious athlete.

What is Tricellar Whey™?

Tricellar Whey™ is a true protein innovation, from a brand that has consistently led the way in this area since launching in 2006. It is an ultra-premium, fast acting, slow release post workout protein blend, designed specifically to maximise lean muscle gains without the addition of post workout carbohydrates or added sugars. Tricellar Whey™ contains fast-acting hydrolysed whey isolate and pure whey protein isolate. It is also the first product in the UK to contain the brand new breakthrough casein protein Micelle XL™ (a source of mega micelles), based on latest technology and research into casein protein structure and molecular size. Tricellar Whey™ also contains the ultra-premium, hugely popular micellar casein, widely accepted as the preferred slow release protein for bodybuilders and serious athletes. It is the most innovative post workout protein blend available on the market, providing 4 of the most premium protein sources, in order to allow the serious athlete to maximise their muscle gains. To facilitate the post workout muscle re-building process, Tricellar Whey™ also contains added leucine peptides and added extra branched chain amino acids

As an elite athlete, you commit your life to your sport, whether that be to improve your PB by a fraction of a second or to prepare for the biggest competition of your life. Why would you not demand the most premium, highly specced sports nutrition to support that lifestyle. Tricellar Whey™ is the only post workout choice for serious athletes and anyone looking to take themselves to the next level.

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