24 hours of Protein - Night Time

Written by Dan Osman - PhD Ambassador

PhD’s new and improved Micellar Casein + offers the perfect ultra-slow digesting protein source,

making it an astute option pre-bedtime as part of your 24 hour protein solution. Micellar Casein + slow absorption arises from it’s coagulating properties within the stomach as a by-product of it’s reaction to gastric pH, which delays amino acid delivery to the gut (1) and elevates amino acids in the blood.

PhD’s latest, innovative protein technology, (in the form of Micelle XL™ Casein) forms even larger peptide molecules (or globules) which ensures a constant ‘drip’ feeding of amino acids throughout the entire night. Micellar Casein + exhibits a more sustained effect on plasma amino acid levels and muscle protein accretion (2) compared with Whey Protein (Pharma Whey® HT+) which is a more versatile product making it’s use at anytime of the day appropriate. It comes in 3 delicious whey protein powder flavours to ensure you have the best tasting protein shakes.



This again reiterates Micellar Casein + potential use toward muscular repair, recovery and growth especially during prolonged periods of time without eating, such as during sleep (3). As part of your 24 hour protein solution it’s tantamount to consider the ‘net balance’ of protein, that is, pre, during and post exercise, as well as throughout the day and night. With reference to muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and the regenerative nutritional strategies adopted to enhance recovery, there is a trade off and subsequent degradation of proteins throughout the day and night. To achieve a ‘net positive balance’, the constant supply of amino acids in the form of quality protein sources is essential throughout the day and night, again, as part of your 24 hour protein solution. Micellar Casein + contains high levels of branched chain amino acids and L-Glutamine, providing over 4g of BCAA’s per 30g single serving and over 4g of the amino acid, L-Glutamine, all hugely important additions in terms of muscle growth, recovery an retention.


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