Introducing The New Tricellar Whey™ Protein Powder

Tricellar Whey™ now available Article written by Phil Learney. PhD Nutrition are excited to announce the launch of one of our most innovative products to date. Tricellar Whey is a revolutionary post workout formula designed for serious athletes. It is a true breakthrough in protein innovation, providing an ultra-premium, fast acting, slow release post workout protein blend, designed specifically to maximise lean muscle gains without the addition of post workout carbohydrates or added sugars.Jason Rickaby, PhD Nutrition founder and MD explains why this is such an exciting development for PhD and sports nutrition in general. “PhD Supplements has always been synonymous with delivering innovation and market leading formulations, which is why I'm really excited to deliver Tricellar Whey protein to the serious sports nutrition consumer, as a genuinely exciting breakthrough in an area that has been lacking in innovation and thought leadership. Tricellar Whey delivers 4 ultra-premium protein sources, never used together before in a performance sports nutrition product. This includes Micelle XL- an absolute breakthrough source of micellar casein, that is the next stage in slow release protein. Introducing MicelleXL™ - a U.K. first ingredient innovation Not only have we delivered a revolutionary new ingredient and the most premium formula ever to the performance protein market, we've delivered it at up to 82% protein content and with the usual great PhD taste. 2016 will be a huge year for PhD as we continue to create innovative new products and lead the sports nutrition category into serious growth; driven by deep insights into what the new and existing consumer wants and needs from a sports nutrition brand. This product is the start of 6 months of innovation that will move PhD even further ahead in the market, through innovative thought leadership”. Tricellar Whey powder is available in 3 delicious flavours for your protein shakes; Strawberry Delight, Vanilla Crème and Chocolate Cookie.

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