Top 5 Butt Building Exercises That You May Not Have Thought Of





Vikki Thornewell

Still struggling to achieve that desired derriere?  Try PhD Nutrition athlete Vikki Thornewell's 5 top butt building exercises to help you on your way …

"I’ll start with the less obviously moves, that you may not have thought of, which are somewhat a hidden gem!"

Aim to do exercises with 3 sets of 8 reps. This can be adjusted to suit your current plan.

Weighted Donkey Kicks

So you may feel (and possibly look) like a donkey when performing this move, but trust me it’s a killer! Working your booty, legs, and core this move is a secret all-rounder.

How to:

- Grab yourself a mat and set up under the smith machine bar.

- Get yourself on all fours, ensuring your hands are shoulder-width apart and your knees are below your hips.

- Still kneeling, reach one leg back and place the bottom of your foot onto the bar above.

- Keeping your core tight and your back straight, push the bar up at a 90-degree angle until your foot is parallel to the ceiling.

- Lower back down and repeat (then change legs)

Cable pull through

This move requires a level of bravery in the gym and you may want to prepare yourself for some strange looks! HOWEVER, cable pull throughs are a great way to build that butt.

How to:

- Set up the rope attachment to the cable machine and set it up on one of the lower level settings.

- Standing a few feet from, face away from the machine.

- Straddle the rope with your feet wide apart and take a grip on the rope (one side in each hand).

- Begin to reach through your legs, bending at the hips. Keeping your knees bent slightly, extend the rope through your legs back towards the machine and then bring it back through... SQUEEZE

Hip Thrusts

Ahh, hip thrusts! One of the best ways to increase glute size, improve glute strength and encourage a higher, rounder bottom!

How to:

- Set up the barbell with an appropriate weight parallel to your bench.

- Position yourself in between the barbell and the bench, sliding your legs under the barbell (use a barbell pad if needed).

- Using the bench as support, place your elbows on the edge of the bench and your hands either side of your legs, onto the barbell.

- Driving through your heels and feet, lift the barbell off of the floor using your hips and glutes, squeezing at the top.

- Come back down slowly and repeat.

Bulgarian split squat

Bulgarian split squats can be a real advantage when performed correctly. With this move the lower you go the more you target both your quads and your glutes, so … how low can you go!?

How to:

- Setting up a flat bench, stand a few feet away.

- Place one foot on the bench behind you keeping your front leg slightly bent.

- In a downward movement, lower your back leg down into a lunge type position driving through your front leg (quad) and your glutes.

- Come back up and repeat.

** You can add dumbbells to do this for additional gains!

Barbell back SQUAT

So we’ll end with the obvious! The universal word associated with a big booty and the one move you can guarantee will leave your lower body in bits…

How to:

- Place the barbell on the top of your traps ensuring your chest is out and your head facing forward.

- With a hip-width stance in place, remove the bar from the rack and set backwards when comfortable.

- Using the flexibility in your knees, control the movement ensuring your back is straight and that your hips are in line.

- With your knees in line with your feet at all times, continue downward, keeping your torso upright and engaging your core.

- Keeping the weight at the front of the heel, drive upward and repeat.

Top 5 Butt Building Exercises That You May Not Have Thought Of image: Chris Winter

Article by Vikki Thornewell

Images: Chris Winter


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