Diet Whey Smoothie Indulgence

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This is the mother of all PEANUT smoothies!


PhD Diet Whey is the original and still the best Diet Whey on the market. It has been selling like hot cakes since 2009, which is ideal, because hot cakes are just one of the many different recipes Diet Whey can be used in. It is hugely versatile, you can shake, bake or cook with it in as many ways as you can dream of!

Talking of dreams- Here is a simple recipe that you can knock up within minutes using the amazing PhD Diet Whey protein powder.

Here’s what to do –

  • Add 1 tbsp Reeses spread to the base of the mug/ jar
  • Spread the Reeses to cover the full base
  • In a separate bowl mix 1 tbsp Ben and Jerrys peanut butter cup with 1 scoop choc peanut Diet Whey along with a quick splash of milk
  • Add the thick peanuty paste into the jar and let it smother the Reeses base
  • Take one choc peanut butter Smart Bar and cut into pieces
  • Add a thin layer of smart bar pieces to the thick peanut paste
  • Take some light anchor whipped cream and spray the top of the smoothie
  • Add the remaining smart bar pieces to the top along with a small handful of salty peanuts

There you have it! Choc Peanut everything smoothie!

This is absolutely incredible and packed with protein!

Here are the macros!

  • protein – 49g
  • carbs – 56g
  • fats – 40g
  • total calories – 780

Need the PhD Nutrition ingredients to make this recipe?

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