Protein Bars - A Simple Guide

The protein bar market is pretty crowded these days and it can be pretty tricky deciding which bar is right for you. At PhD, we specialise in producing amazing, functional protein bars that help you to deliver results without sacrificing taste or your love for sweet, indulgent treats. Whilst PhD always deliver on quality protein and taste satisfaction, it can even be confusing navigating our wide range of protein snacks, so here’s a simple guide to which protein bar may be best for you.



20G - 21G Protein 0.4G -2.1G Sugar 0.4G - 2.1G Impact Carbs 238kcals 64G Per Bar

PURPOSE: Multi-layered protein lifestyle bar with only 2 grams or less of sugar. Smart bar delivers an indulgent, textured crispy outer layer sat on top of delicious, smooth caramel that enwraps crunchy protein crispies and a soft creamy protein centre. You need to see this as a complete confectionary replacement that delivers massively on taste, but also on protein and low sugar.  Smart Bar is “Premium macro-friendly confectionary”.

WHY SMART BAR™ IS FOR YOU: Smart Bar™ is truly a protein bar for the masses. It tastes as good as your favourite chocolate bar whilst delivering the ideal amount of protein to help sustain your lean lifestyle and clean eating plan. Use Smart Bar™ at snack time or instead of a small meal.




20G - 21G Protein 1G - 2G Sugar Over 9G Fibre 199kcals 65G Per Bar

PURPOSE: Brand new and improved Diet Whey Bar delivers great tasting functional food. A completely different shape, texture and mouth feel than Smart Bar™, the new Diet Whey Bar is soft and flatter in shape compared to the longer, thinner Smart Bar™. Whilst it is also multi-layered, the bar has a white, milk or dark chocolate outer layer sat on top of a soft layer of flavoured caramel. The majority of the bar is a soft and indulgent centre containing protein crispies to provide just enough crunch to deliver a great textured mouth feel.

WHY DIET WHEY BAR IS FOR YOU: Diet Whey Bar is truly a functional food bar for those on a low-carb or in a body fat reduction phase. It can be used as a snack on the go anytime or as a great, low carb pre-exercise snack. It tastes as good as your favourite chocolate bar whilst delivering ridiculously clean macros at around 20g of protein and less than 200 calories, to help keep your nutrition plan on track. Diet Whey bar also contains over 9g of fibre, an added kick of L-Carnitine and Collagen to help keep you fuller for longer and help maintain healthy joints whilst training hard.




19G Protein 2G Sugar 37G Low G.I. Carbs 270kcals 75G Per Bar

PURPOSE: Great tasting baked snack, high in protein and good quality carbs to help sustain your exercise and training plan. Protein Flapjack contains 19g of protein and over 30g of carbs, with less than 2g of impact carbs to help provide fuel to your body. Either coated in delicious, sugar free white choc or without any coating at all (Peanut flavour is without any coating), Protein Flapjack delivers the goodness of whole oats and whey protein, without the added sugar or margarine common place in traditional, high calorie flapjacks.

WHY PROTEIN FLAPJACK+ IS FOR YOU: Protein Flapjacks+ is a great pre or post exercise snack for those who need more carbohydrate=based calories to fuel a longer workout or exercise plan. Perfect to help you through a game, a run or to consume after weight training to deliver quality carbohydrates back into the muscles and help the rebuilding process.




30G Protein 3.3G Sugar Less than 4G of impact carbs 250kcals 75G Per Bar

PURPOSE: A great tasting multi-layered protein bar containing 30G of high quality protein for those looking to gain lean muscle. Pharma Whey bar is a dual-layered bar, with a milk or white chocolate coating, a crunchy layer of protein crispies and a delicious soft protein bar centre.

WHY PHARMA WHEY® HT+ BAR IS FOR YOU: Bigger and less of a snack than Smart Bar™, Pharma Whey® HT+ Bar is more of a meal-replacement protein bar designed for those looking to enjoy their protein snacking without comprising their lean gains. Ideal for body builders and weight trainers looking for a lower-carb post workout snack, maybe even a heavier hit of protein before bedtime to help rebuild damaged muscles during the sleeping phase.




30G Protein 60G Carbs 5G Fibre 450kcals 120G Per Bar

PURPOSE: Advanced Mass Flapjack is a whopping high protein snack, delivering 30g of protein in a delicious, chewy, chocolate covered and topped baked flapjack. Weighing 120g each, Advanced Mass flapjacks come in two great flavours, Double Chocolate (topped with real choc chips) and Choc Peanut (topped with roasted peanuts). This flapjack is a serious athletes best friend for a high-carb post workout snack.

WHY ADVANCED MASS FLAPJACK IS FOR YOU: Bigger and almost double the calorie content of Protein Flapjack+, this flapjack is definitely for beginners to the gym, looking to add muscle mass quickly and who may find it difficult to consume enough quality calories to grow. To grow muscle mass, it’s vital you consume enough calories to provide the body with the fuel to do so. Advanced Mass flapjack can be used at any stage throughout the day as a high-calorie snack, or it’s great used post workout. Many endurance athletes (seeking higher carb intake than others) use Advanced mass flapjacks to fuel their lengthy cycle, running or walking sessions. Remember, calories are units of energy, we all need them.




22G Protein 3G Sugar Added CLA 199kcals 50G Per Bar

PURPOSE: Diet Cookies are a great alternative to the Diet Whey bar if you are looking for a baked snack with a less indulgent taste and texture. Delivering simpler flavour systems, Diet Cookies deliver a genuine cookie taste for less than 200 calories and packed with 22g of protein. Just like your favourite high fat, high sugar cookies, Diet Cookies are packed with chocolate or white chocolate chips and inclusions, we’ve just removed most of the bad stuff for you along the way.

WHY DIET COOKIE IS FOR YOU: Diet Cookie is a functional snack for those on a low-carb or in a body fat reduction phase. It can be used as a snack on the go anytime or as a great, low carb pre-exercise snack. It tastes comparable to your favourite cookie whilst delivering ridiculously clean macros at 22G of protein and less than 200 calories, to help keep your nutrition plan on track. Diet Cookie also contains an added kick of L-Carnitine, CLA and Green Tea.

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