Suffering from Lower Back Pain & Want to improve flexibility

Nowadays our lifestyles force us to sit for prolonged periods of time at our desks or when travelling and consequently our hip flexors are bound to get tight causing lower back problems, knee pain and incorrect posture. This is why it is important to regularly stretch and strengthen this fundamental muscle group located along the abdomen and upper thigh.

Stretching the hip flexors is easy and does not require any complex equipment so there are no excuses for not using the following exercises as a warm-up before a training session or as a morning routine to kick off your day.

Runner’s Pose with Twist


Assume a press up position, bring one foot to the outer side of your hand, then lift that same hand, twist your torso and reach to the sky. This stretches your legs and hips in the same way you do when you walk or run by putting your body in a stretched out, striding position.

Kneeling hip flexor stretch with raised foot


Elevate your back foot on a bench and assume a kneeling position. Keeping your torso tall, tighten your abdomen, contract the glutes and shift your body forwards. Hold the stretch for a couple of seconds and return to your starting position. This will lengthen the muscles in the front part of your hip and upper thigh.

Squat to stand


With your stance slightly wider than shoulder width, bend over and grab the bottom of your feet and position yourself into a deep squat position. At this point focus on forcing the chest up and pushing your knees apart. From this bottom position raise your hips back up without letting go of your feet. Hold this hamstring stretch for a couple of seconds and then pull yourself back into the deep squat. This stretch will improve the flexibility in your hamstrings, groin, ankles, and lower back.

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