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    • Red Velvet Smart Bar™ Cupcakes

      Smart Bar Red Velvet Cupcake Article

      Looking for a new way to enjoy your Smart Bar™?

      These Red Velvet Smart Bar™ Cupcakes should be first on your list to make and enjoy.

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      Red Velvet Smart Bar™ Cupcakes
    • The Benefits of Carbohydrates Post Workout


      The Importance of post-workout carbs


      When we take part in strenuous bouts of exercise, the glycogen stores of the exercising muscles become depleted. For this reason, individuals engaged in intense training need to ingest a number of nutrients in order to optimise recovery.

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      The Benefits of Carbohydrates Post Workout
    • Fat Loss Fallacies

      Written by Dan Osman

      Common myths perpetuated by the media and extreme celebrity diet’s, which often exclude whole food groups, are nowadays almost glamourized and promoted as the ‘go to’ to lose body fat rapidly.

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      Fat Loss Fallacies
    • 24 Hours of Protein

      Written by Dan Osman

      In order to get the most from your performance, PHD Nutrition understands optimising protein intake throughout the day is massively important. Protein has been shown to contribute to the building and maintenance of muscle mass, which makes it an extremely important macro-nutrient for athletes seeking increased muscular and functional performance. Because protein is vital in helping build and repair muscle, it plays a huge part in allowing you to recover from intense exercise and be ready to go again. Remember, muscle is key to performance and recovery.
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      24 Hours of Protein
    • 24 hours of Protein - Night Time

      Article written by Dan Osman. PhD’s new and improved Micellar Casein + offers the perfect ultra-slow digesting protein source, making it an astute option pre-bedtime as part of your 24 hour protein solution. Micellar Casein + slow absorption arises from it’s coagulating properties within the stomach as a by-product of it’s reaction to gastric pH, which delays amino acid delivery to the gut (1) and elevates amino acids in the blood.

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      24 hours of Protein - Night Time

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