At PhD we believe in everyday performance. We call it Perform Smart.


Those everyday performers striving to be their best and at the top of their game. The smart thinkers challenging themselves on a daily basis. It’s not only about the gym goers, the CrossFitters and the early morning HIIT trainers, but the daily performers too. Those who want to achieve on their own terms. The “I want to be my very best” trailblazers. From the everyday guy to the everyday girl on a journey to succeed at life, we are with them, we understand them and deliver for them. That self-driving performance is impossible without the right fuel.


Performing at your best is a daily feat and great nutrition is the key to unlock the door. At PhD, we strive to perform everyday too and we do it with integrity and passion. Creating great tasting, high-protein, performance foods to inspire those who want to perform at their best - in and out of the gym. Smart thinking is in our DNA at PhD – we live it every day and it defines us. We also know that smart thinking leads to great performance and that performing great defines you.



I was 28 when we founded PhD Nutrition and like our new brand ambassador, UK grime superstar, Bugzy Malone, I was so hungry to succeed I would have eaten myself to make it. When I think back to those days, 13 years ago, I remember little else other than waking up and going to bed terrified of not succeeding. PhD was born out of that fear and mindset and the #PerformSmart brand manifesto is the absolute truth at the heart of PhD. Myself and my co-founder both found our answers in the gym and within the gym lifestyle and we used those answers to fuel our performance in life. We both took the dedication, the regime and the desire that we had to improve our physiques and our health, into our everyday life and used this to fuel our performance. I see this kind of determination a lot in young people and their aspiration to achieve is an inspiring sight.

Bugzy Malone is a trailblazer amongst this group of new entrepreneurs making their way quickly in the UK. He is a true everyday performer and smart thinker and his ambition and drive are both in line with the ethos of the PhD brand. From a tough and uncompromising start in life, he has used his time in the gym and his adherence to a great nutrition plan to help him find the answers to his questions and to fuel both his daily performance and his success. At 27 he is a prime example of an everyday performer and his honesty and transparency form a seamless collaboration with the very soul of what PhD represent. We are a brand that is about performing and being the very best you can be, everyday. I am immensely proud that having used PhD products for 2-3 years, he is now collaborating with us on our multi-channel campaign. But this is more than a campaign for the PhD brand. Performing smart is who we are. This is not only the most exciting thing we’ve done at PhD, it’s the truest. Here’s to an exciting next 12 months.

Jason Rickaby - CEO and Co-Founder



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