PhD Nutrition deliver innovative sports nutrition products that not only taste great, but deliver serious results. Whether you are a world class athlete, or just beginning in the gym, the PhD Nutrition range provides all the quality products you need, to help you achieve your goals. 

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  1. Deal Of The Day - Growth Factor Mass


    Key Benefits

    • 2.1kg Growth Factor Mass Powder
    • 12x 100g Growth Factor 50 Bars
    • 1000ml Shaker
    • 1 DAY ONLY

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  2. Growth Factor Mass Powder

    All in one hardcore mass builder

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    Key Benefits

    • 58G protein and 3g of a powerful dual Creatine blend per serving
    • 71g carbs and testosterone support from Zinc*
    • 2.25g of added Leucine, an essential BCAA
    • 1.5g of added D-Aspartic Acid per serving

    In stock and ready to dispatch

    • V
    • H
    • GMO
    Online Only Offer - Spend £40 and receive a FREE gift - Limited Stock Available
    Was: £29.99 You save 13% From £25.99
2 items found
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