On The Go

On The Go

On the go nutrition is becoming increasingly vital with the reduction in food preparation time as we all get busier, develop increased responsibilities with age and have longer and more consistently interrupted commutes to and from your working day. Grab and go items are now essential parts of your nutrition plan as opposed to the “nice to haves” they used to be.

PhD have a market-leading range of protein and performance bars, ready to drink formulas and brand new single serve squeezy smoothies, all developed with the serious athlete in mind, but equally ideal for the beginner. Remember, great nutrition is necessary at any level of your athletic development.

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  1. Advanced Mass flapjacks

    High calorie nutritional bar for muscle building

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    Key Benefits

    • 30g protein per bar and almost 60g carbs
    • Almost 500 calories per bar, ideal for a post workout re-fuel or fuel for longer duration exercise
    • A MUST for hard gainers and beginners to help regular quality calorie intake
    • Contains added Zinc and magnesium to support healthy testosterone levels

    In stock and ready to dispatch

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    • GMO
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    FREE PhD Shaker when you spend over £50
    Was: £24.99 You save 28% From £17.99
1 items found
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