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Performance Nutrition designed to inspire and enable you to achieve.

PhD deliver intelligent performance nutrition designed to inspire and enable you to achieve your goals. Whether these goals are muscle development, functional muscular performance, to be faster and stronger or increase healthy body fat loss, the desire to achieve is still as strong and the mind set still driven.

PhD deliver products for those driven to achieve. Take some time to look through each of our product ranges and I guarantee that you will find great products to suit your individual needs and help you smash your personal PB’s. Internationally recognised for quality, trust and delivering great tasting performance nutrition, PhD are the number one thought leaders, innovators and are here to enable you to achieve.

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    Fat Loss

    Losing body fat is always the sensible approach to weight loss. It’s very important that to achieve sensible weight loss, that we preserve muscle tone and don’t lose the muscle we work hard in the gym to preserve and maintain.

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    Whether developing lean muscle mass or maintaining what you have worked hard for, the primary aim is to ensure the muscle functions to the best of your ability. Our Muscle range has been specifically designed to support your muscle requirements.

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    Strength & Performance

    Strength and performance go completely hand in hand for the athlete who is driven to achieve. Ingredients such as Creatine, BCAA’s, Glutamine, Caffeine, electrolytes, protein variants and vitamins and minerals, amongst many others are targeted towards naturally and safely enhancing your performance.

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    PhD Performance Nutrition delivers a premium array of products designed to help you endure more whether in short, repetitive bursts for impact sports like boxing, MMA and rugby, or longer for cycling, running and triathlons. We also have an array of products designed to help you remain explosive when it really counts.

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    The PhD Nutrition Recovery range has been developed for athletes who demand quality nutrition, to ensure they can perform at their best each and every time.

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    The natural range features performance favourites such as Whey Protein, but it this time it comes without artificial sweeteners or flavourings and from grass fed cows. Plant proteins, superfoods, greens, wholefoods, naturally sourced polyphenols, nitrates and vitamins and minerals all play a huge part in optimising performance, which is why PhD have dedicated an entire range to them.

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    Every trainer, male or female, needs a catalogue of accessories to support their performance driven lifestyle. From clothing to water bottles, shaker cups and training accessories, PhD can help support your demands.

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