Use Your Fear

Fear Is a powerful thing.

Fear tells you you're not good enough, You can't do this, but fear stops you quitting.

It's relentless, It's restless, It drags you through your comfort zone kicking and screaming.

It drives you forward, when people try to hold you back because they fear you.

So embrace your edge, Find your answers, Think around corners, Train like every session is your last, Never be satisfied.

Use your fear to break down doors to blaze a trail, to find a way.

Are you going to let yours stop you or help find your greatness within?


Fear is a powerful emotion. When we pursue what we really want in life, fear of failure is unavoidable. To confront fear of failure and turn it into a powerful motivator, we need to ensure we have a clear mind and focus. The mindset of an everyday performer is one that demands goal-setting and achievement, both physically and mentally.

The gym lifestyle mirrors life. Planning, dedication, commitment and achievement. This is why we find ourselves in the gym setting physical goals. It’s why everyday performers are drawn to the gym and physical goal-setting. To achieve your best in the gym, the cross fit box, the ring, or with any physical goal, you can use your fear as a powerful motivator, to allow you to achieve what you never thought possible.

To perform smart and achieve your best, you need the best fuel in your body and that’s why performance nutrition is vital to you achieving your goals in the gym and then using them to apply to life’s challenges. PhD allows you to drive hard into your session, fuel you during and then recover fast, allowing you to perform at your best in and out of the gym.

Diet Whey

Diet Whey

High protein, low carb shake delivers less than 200 calories per super serving with additional fat loss ingredients such as CLA, L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract.

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Synergy ISO-7

Synergy ISO-7®

High protein, all in one shake to aid recovery after performance. Delivering 40g of quality protein but it also delivers a well-balanced serving of carbohydrates to support protein synthesis and the recovery process.

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Intra BCAA+

Intra BCAA+

Formulated with a 4:1:1 ratio of amino acids, it also delivers Glutamine, Alanine and Cocomineral Water ensuring rehydration and nutrient replenishment.

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Smart Bar

Smart Bar™

High protein, low sugar bar. It’s triple layered giving it a true confectionary taste and texture.

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